Our Story

Our Story…since 1994

Charleston Gardens® opened its doors at 61 Queen Street, Charleston, SC on December 4, 1994. Our namesake city is known for its beautiful gardens, and we sought to provide décor and furnishings that add beauty to and enjoyment of the garden.  We also wanted to provide décor and accessories that bring the garden into the home. 

Our store soon garnered the support of Charlestonians and visitors alike. Our mail order business began with a 12-page catalog in late 1995; our website debuted in April 1998. Benefiting from the excellent economic environment of the 90s, all three segments of the business—store, catalog and web—grew rapidly.

We no longer have a “bricks and mortar” presence in Charleston. Today, our customers come from every state in the union. E-commerce continues to grow in popularity, helping us reach garden lovers everywhere.

Providing excellent customer service and high quality products are our key goals. Our staff takes pride in calling themselves “merchants”. We look for the best products already in the marketplace, and we develop hundreds of products yearly that are exclusive to us. A team of talented artists and artisans help us create new home and garden décor. 

If you have questions about our company and its policies, send an e-mail to the founder/president at LeedaMarting@CharlestonGardens.com.