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9401: Heron Lacquer Tray (Product Detail)

An Audubon heron design is featured. in our wood tray, which is handmade in Vietnam. Lacquer artisans complete each step, from cutting and sanding the wood to applying the artwork, by hand. Once applied, the artwork is given finishing touches, such as genuine gold and silver leaf and handpainted details. The final application of the glossy lacquer is applied in 12 layers, giving the pieces a durable finish. The shining coating shows the true beauty of the original artwork and gives it a unique depth. Due to unforeseen delays in production, the lacquer tray is not available at this time. We regret the inconvenience.

9401 Heron Lacquer Tray
Dimensions: 14”SQ. x 2.5"H.
Price: $ 155.00
Inventory status:
No Longer Available